lovely TUNES and odd people in here :0)

This is why I was SO into dance floor psytrance. you just don’t get much better than this in the hot sun. properly kicks off:

Stuff still being made that is almost as good as it used to be :)

how to rip it like f*ck to a large crowd:


This eccentric chap (in red) is amazingly great haha :)

Good stuff:

LUSH Psy Ambient Dub stuff:

Particularly good is this one:

Even sicker is this one:

Now for a laugh, this:

Glitch hop
with occasional balls:

quite cheese but has a nice tingly riff to it:

Tunes for your life, nice

tunes for the mehts:

Some good psytrance, something you don’t often hear these days :)

In-fact if you like psytrance the way it used to be brewed, with bassline variations and catchy rhythms then he still seems to be doing it:

nice chilledness:

and more chillness:

there are a few mighty good tracks on this swing mix (kicks off at 9:00 minutes) (crocodiles at 14:30):

The above mix’s takes your regular swing and punches it up with a tougher tech house feel, almost minimal techno in the basslines, which is why I think it has more guts than your average.

live crocodiles:

nice :)

just so ANALOG and more links


Toasted tunes again!


Love this video, feeeeeel it:

get this album:

breaks (opening track is great, see below):


this has some rather lovely sections here and there throughout:

enjoy meht’s :)