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Afternoon, Funky & Joyful Daytime Psytrance For Anybody: Abrir Musica

Afternoon, Chunky and Progressive Psytrance: Afternoon Chunk Up

Deep, Tough Psytrance: Squat's Going On

Energetic, Hard, Dance-Floor Psytrance: Hard Floor

Darker Driving, Full On Psytrance: Dark Floor

Pumping, Bouncey, Dance-Floor Psytrance: Dance Floor

Dark & Twisted Psytrance: Imperial Measures

Hard & Energetic Psytrance: Sleigh Trance

Hard & Dark Psytrance: Mind-Out

Melodic Psytrance: Easter DJ mix '07

Hard & Dark Psytrance: Rinkadoll

Uplifting Psytrance: Hightrance

Melodic Psytrance: Anti Pedantic

Earlier Psy/Goa trance: Psychotropic Locomotive

A Psytrance DJ mix from DI.FM Nov 06': Battery Pack


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Mob:            +44 (0) 7779 966665